Mountain Strong

Training With Purpose


The Climbing Strength Training Platform Dedicated To Mountain Athletes

Hand crafted by experienced coaches

The Daily WOD

  • Daily workout Email sent out each evening at 7pm – allowing you to plan the next day
  • Options for general conditioning or climbing specific work
  • Each week includes metabolic conditioning, weightlifting, gymnastics and climbing specific training
  • Includes coaches notes, movement videos and explanations when necessary


Monthly Programs

  • Access to the full library of custom sport-specific and general training programs
  • Each program includes videos, coaches notes, and enough information to make your brain tired
  • A dashboard to track your progress
  • Stop and start your training cycles whenever you like
  • 4, 6, 8, and 12-week program lengths


Train Differently

Plateaued from your current climbing strength training? Haven’t worked out in a while? Need to improve your base core climbing strength? We’ve developed climbing training programs that will help you do just that, no matter how daring your dreams are. You can choose from specific programs like mountaineering prep, weightlifting for climbers, climbing endurance, alpine conditioning and skiing prehab/rehab.

“These guys are ahead of the curve! This is the first gym of its kind, so get in and see what the future looks like!”

– J.S.

“I love the combination of CrossFit and climbing. It’s definitely worth checking out – but WARNING: You’ll be hooked”

– Nick M.

“I’ve been beyond impressed with the level of personalization and dedication they present. The coaches have a love for both CrossFit and climbing and it shows. I didn’t always love exercising but after a few months I sure do now. I wholeheartedly recommend Mountain Strong to everyone!”

– B.C.

“You can never have too much power.”


– Wolfgang Gullich

Meet the coaches

Will Gordon

Will comes from an athletic and business background. After playing nearly every sport imaginable while growing up, he settled into swimming, earning a scholarship to Penn State University.

Anne Delbovo

Anne was a collegiate pole vaulter and earned her degree in Nursing. After college, she continued her athletic career through CrossFit, where she learned of her love for both coaching and programming.

Matt Lloyd

With a less conventional background, Matt has thrived in the most real of alpine situations throughout his life, and has developed an itch for sharing his secrets of functional fitness with others.

Jamie Gatchalian

Jamie began climbing in college after a deep involvement with competitive soccer while growing up. After working through a brutal shoulder injury years ago, he has come back stronger than ever, sending 5.14a and V9 since his injury.

Anne Reuss

Anne was led to Denver with a desire to become mountain strong and keep teaching vulnerability, communication, and grit through fitness. Being deaf her whole life, fitness is her way of maintaining mental toughness, self-love and relentlessness — and she hopes inspire others to find value in their own challenge while getting stronger mentally and physically. CrossFit is just one of the many tools she deploys!


Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is a collection of articles, interviews, media and links from across the fitness industry for climbing strength training that will make you a better athlete. Check out the latest post to read about ways you can improve your climbing technique and strength conditioning.