Building a Functional Core

May 5, 2019 | By Will Gordon,

Having a strong core can mean a lot of different things.  Your core is utilized in many different ways, both dynamically and statically, depending on whether you’re climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering, or moving barbells around…you get the idea.  Some people simply just want the 6-pack look.  Regardless of the intended use, it’s important to know what your goals are and develop your core strength based on them.

Being able to do 50 abmat sit ups in 1 minute is undoubtedly impressive, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to the functional use of your core.  At Mountain Strong, we believe it’s important to perform exercises that put your core to use in a way that best mimics your intended activities and incorporates full body tension; not just simply isolating your abs (that should be done too however!).  Core isn’t a one stop shop, keep mixing things up as much as possible!

Below are some movement’s you can start adding into your training.  Your core is a muscle group just like legs/arms/etc. so be sure not to overload core work.  Give yourself adequate rest days to really see those gains develop!

We want you to look good, and through our programs we’ve been able to develop both the look AND the functional strength people are wanting!  Keep training with purpose!

Give this a shot:

3 rounds for quality:

  1. 12 ab rollouts
  2. 12 windshield wipers (on pullup rig or climbing wall, scale to lying on the ground if needed)
  3. 20 supermans (raise opposite arm and leg at the same time, hold 2 to 3 seconds for 1 rep. alternate back and forth)
  4. 5 front levers (scale to attempts, 1 leg bent, or ice cream makers)
  5. 20 kettlebell snatches
  6. 10 weighted situp+standups (weight plate overhead with arms locked out, sit up, then stand up, keeping arms straight)
  7. 20 standing oblique crunches with heavy kettlebell
  8. 1 minute kettlebell figure 8’s
  9. 1 minute farmer’s carries