Home Challenge #2

Mar 18, 2020 | By Matt Lloyd,

I had a great idea once to try something badass. I was going to push my Jeep Cherokee around the block of the gym. It’s about 600 meters and it seemed fairly flat (Side note: I learned it was not flat very quickly). I wanted to do something hard that could pump my ego a bit and get some mental and physical momentum. So I ( coach will ) recruited my best friend to sit in the car and yell at me while I pushed my Jeep. I started out slow and steady and 100m in, it got harder. Then harder. And much harder.Eventually, I was stuck. Going nowhere fast. I yelled, “I can’t get rolling again, I’m stuck! “Out of the front seat my friend ( coach Matt ) yells, “that’s because I’m on the brake!”  He had been gradually pressing the break more and more trying to mess with me. And it worked. We both had a good laugh and I proceeded to finish the lap (not easily mind you, it took everything I had).

Lesson: Don’t take yourself too seriously. Come up with something wacky with a friend and have fun training! 

S0 in this vein todays challenge is:

  • push your car around your block for time ( make sure someone is in the driver seat ) 

Post photo or a video and we will select one person to send a free t-shirt. Remember to tag us @mountainstrongdenver so we can see you suffer!