Motivation: By Coach Will

May 12, 2019 | By Will Gordon,

Why do you train? Sounds like a pretty basic question. Think about it for a second though, and if your answer is to look good, or get better at climbing, or to be stronger, or more fit…why? Like really why? Who cares how hard you climb? Why do you feel the need to be strong? Why do you feel like you’re not good looking enough?

Dig deep when thinking about this. When you do what you might find may surprise you. It might also really help drive home the why. It might give you the motivation needed when you’re wanting to take a break or lay off a bit.

If your answer is to look good, why? Is it because some guy named Chuck stole your girlfriend in 7th grade? It sounds silly but when you dig deep you might learn something about yourself. Do you want to be more attractive to your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend?

If your answer is to get better at something, well, why? Do you draw self confidence in being better than others? Do you want people to watch you in awe at the climbing gym? These might sound vain, but honestly, they’re fine reasons to draw motivation from! Maybe it’s so you can be self reliant and go anywhere in the world and still be able to confidently find something you can climb!

You train to be stronger? Why? Aren’t you strong enough? I mean, you can probably carry your groceries already, and modern tools can help us with a lack of strength in our everyday life. Were you picked on as a kid? Did that resonate with you? Did you get pushed down on the playground in 2nd grade and never forget? Were you picked last for kickball?

All of these seem like they’d be shallow reasons to train hard and be consistent, but they’re not. We’re all just animals who learn from our experiences. No matter what your underlying reason is, it’s valid! As long as you can use it to your advantage to help you stay motivated. Let it be fuel.

I train hard because I want to look good and I want to be strong. I’m married now but I trained hard before I was. I wanted to look good and attract my wife, no chance I was losing her to some other guy who had better abs. I wanted that attention! I also train hard because of a kid named Seth (fake name). Seth told a bunch of people at school he wanted to beat me up for some reason I’ve long since forgotten and I went to school for weeks just waiting for it. I knew there wouldn’t be anything I could do and I was scared. I vowed to never be inadequate again. If Seth ran into me today, I think he’d be quite surprised…zero chance he’s going to beat me up. I think about him every time I get lazy or don’t want to try hard. Everyone out there has a Seth figure and I try everyday to defeat mine!

Whatever your motivation is, find that root cause. It might bring up some weird feelings of inadequacy, but you can use it as fuel for your fire. Whether it’s to impress significant others (I’ve also literally done nothing ever that truly impresses my badass wife), to stand up to your bully, to have people watch you in awe and ask you how you got so good, find your fuel. No one wants to get picked last for kickball.