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Apr 6, 2020 | By Matt Lloyd,

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Hello, world! For over a year now, we have been hard at work  Mountain Strength: Strength and Conditioning for Mountain Athletes.”

Creating this book has been a dream for us, aggregating our decades of experience into one comprehensive resource. As we designed and built the training programs listed in this book, we were coaching as well, allowing us the unique ability to test every concept and workout in the 300 plus pages of this book. The process was slow and tedious, writing, re-writing, and then re-re-writing some more, then testing and re-testing our training programs & techniques to ensure there efficacy.  Writing and creating a book like this has been a real labor of love. We have spent countless hours aggregating everything a mountain athlete needs to know in one place. This book is more than just a list of workouts; it includes tips and tricks to help along the way, advice on things to avoid, learned from or own failures, and explanations of broad concepts and philosophies we adhere too in the gym.

a photo of some of our athletes who helped test our programs and workouts at our Denver, CO facility.

After more than a year of nonstop work, we are close to completing our vision. It’s now time to print this bad boy and get it into the hands of the people we care about- the tribe of mountain savages that we know and love. This Kickstarter campaign’s purpose is to help raise money to allow us to publish this book in the quality and style it deserves. Your pre-order will help us with the upfront cost of ordering books in bulk, which will enable us to print the highest quality book possible. We’re doing this all on our own, without a fancy publishing company, or a big dollar budget- we are coaches after all!

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Mountain Strength is a training manual written for mountain athletes. The strength and conditioning programs outlined in this book have been painstakingly tested and designed to build better skiers, runners, and climbers, no matter your specific discipline or fitness level. We have spent years testing every workout in this book to create a comprehensive training manual just for athletes like you. Learn about our methodologies and how to take your training to a new level.  

Included in Mountain Strength vol.1 :  

  • Over 500 unique workouts, warmups, exercises, and recovery
  • Specific training programs for route climbing, bouldering, skiing, and mountaineering
  • Scaleable in difficulty for beginners and elite athletes alike  
  • Tips and advice included along the way to take your training to the next level  
  • Full-color with vivid images and a quality binding  
  • Lessons on topics like caffeine in sports, the benefits of intensity in practice, the neuroendocrine response, speed and cadence for climbers, developing mental toughness, shoulder rehab, and prehab.  
  • Includes power and endurance centric broad non sport-specific training programs for those who want to do it all.  
  • Train a la cart by selecting one of our accessory programs such as deadlifting, squatting, rowing or Olympic lifting. 
Our book will come with a digital copy to make it easier to use in the gym.

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