Recover better with this inexpensive athletic massager

Nov 11, 2019 | By Matt Lloyd,

Battery powered percussive massagers are all the rage, and for good reason, they are fucking awesome – I use this damn thing all the time on those tender tight spots. One catch though, I’m cheap and they are mega expensive. I didn’t want to throw down 400 bucks for a fancy massager, so it was a no go for me. Then a while back I bough a cheap jigsaw like one and while it did work it was loud enough to wake the dead- like unusable at home loud. SO…. recently I saw this one while midnight surfing amazon that had a super low decibel level and great reviews….I took a gamble and bought it ( I put the link below ) … and to my surprise its awesome. So I thought I would pass along the “review” of sorts.

so- save yourself 300.00 and buy this one for 120.00 ( its even discounted now with this link ) – you won’t regret it and if you hate it you can throw it at me as revenge. The battery lasts forever ( like hours and hours of use ) , its powerful enough for my legs after a epic Crossfit workout at Mountain Strong but still great for my forearms after climbing ( I even take it camping ) , and its super quiet- like use it in bed next to your partner quiet.