Test Your Willpower

Jul 7, 2019 | By Will Gordon,

Try out this potent test of your will power, then trick your friends into trying it too!

Find an airbike. (My favorite is a Rogue Echo Bike but I also love an old school Schwinn Airdyne.)

Set a timer for 10 minutes and go for as many calories burned as you can.

Anticipate an inside-out like feeling deep in your legs around the 3 minute mark and expect your lungs to want to explode around minute 5.  

You’re going to go through a full spectrum of emotions during these 10 minutes but try to keep reminding yourself that you don’t want to regret not trying as hard as you can when you’re done.  There will be some pacing involved here so be careful.

You’re probably going to blow up the first few times you do this and there’s a very real chance you can’t even finish the 10 minutes.

If you’re truly impressive you can get 300 on an Schwinn Airdyne or 230 on a Rogue Echo Bike or Air Assault Bike.

The best part of completing this workout is convincing your friends who have no idea what they’re in store for to do it themselves!

Let me know what your experiences with this one is and don’t give up!

Your willpower capacity will increase every time you attempt this challenge.