Weekly training psyche: try this climbing workout

May 6, 2019 | By Matt Lloyd,

 weekly training psyche

Here is one of our favorite workouts at Mountain Strong.

Selected straight from our epic  Sport climbing entrance program at Mountain Strong Training.

This workout is Perfect for climbers trying to build volume and endurance for sport climbing, this workout gets you pumped fast and is fun and easy to execute. Try it with a friend for added psyche.

Set a time to count up to 20 Min- this workout is what we call an EMOM- Every minute on the minute-  we assign two taks here so you will alternate each. minute between them, resting to the beginning of the next minute after each task is completed.

Coaches notes :

-These workouts tend to feel very easy in the beginning and build dramatically.

-Select a medium boulder problem that you enjoy climbing , select a longer and easier for sport climbers who wish to train endurance or shorter and harder if you prefer training for power

– Practice and warm up your toes to bar. Make sure you have a clear path from your boulder problem to a bar.

When the timer Begins:

  • During the first :60 seconds quickly climb your preselected boulder problem then rest for the remainder of the minute ~ :20 sec or so
  • During the next :60 second interval complete 8 toes to bar ( scale this number to something reasonable for your ability  )  – rest for the remainder of the minute – the faster you get these done the better
  • Repeat this for 20 min ( 10x rounds )

Enjoy! and let us know how this goes for you on IG- tag us  #trainingwithpurpose and @mountainstrongdenver